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New Arrivals 11/21/2014

Currently in the air, arriving tomorrow


Centropyge acanthops Flameback Angel :: Africa / Red Sea () M
Centropyge flavissimus x vroliki Lemon Peel Hybrid Half Black Angel :: Melanesia () M
Centropyge bispinosus Coral Beauty Angel :: Fiji () L
Ecsenius midas Midas Blenny:: Africa / Red Sea () M
Blennies MAC Certified
Salarias ramosus Starry Blenny :: Philippines () M
Cardinals Aquacultured
Pterapogon kauderni Kaudern’s, Banggai :: South Asia () S
Synchiropus stellatus Scooter Red :: South Asia () S
Cryptocentrus cinctus Watchman Yellow :: Eastern Asia M
Valenciennea strigata Sleeper Golden Head :: Africa / Red Sea S
Neocirrhites armatus Flame Armatus :: Central Pacific M
Siganus unimaculatus Foxface, One Spot :: Eastern Asia M
Paracanthurus hepatus Blue Hippo :: Eastern Asia SM
Zebrasoma xanthurum Purple :: Africa / Red Sea SM
Zebrasoma flavescens Yellow :: Central Pacific SM
Zebrasoma flavescens Yellow :: Central Pacific () S
Condylactis gigantea Reef, Colored :: East Americas M
Condylactis gigantea Reef, Purple :: East Americas M
Entacmaea sp. Bulb :: Central Pacific S
Entacmaea quadricolor Bulb, Rose :: Eastern Asia M
Heteractis crispa Sebae Blue-Tip :: Eastern Asia M
Macrodactyla doreensis Long Tentacle, Purple :: Eastern Asia M
Mythrax sculptus Emerald :: East Americas
Petrolisthes sp. Porcelain :: East Americas
Crabs, Hermit
Calcinus elegans Blue Knuckle :: Eastern Asia
Calcinus elegans Reef Neon Orange Knuckle :: Central Pacific
Ciliopagurus strigatus Halloween Orange Band :: Eastern Asia
Clibanarius sp. Red Tip :: West Americas
Paguristes cadenati Scarlet :: East Americas
Enoplometopus debelius Purple & Orange Debelius :: Eastern Asia M
Enoplometopus daumi Purple Claw Daumi :: Eastern Asia M
Polyps, Button/Zoanthid
Zoanthid sp. Zoa, Radioactive Dragon Eye :: Eastern Asia M
Shell, Bivalves
Lima scabra Scallop Flame :: East Americas M
Shell, Snails
Nassarius sp. Nassarius :: Central Pacific
Norrisia norrisi Red Collar :: West Americas
Strombus sp. Conch Fighter :: Central Pacific
Tegula sp. Margarite :: West Americas
Trochus sp. Spiral Top, Blk & White :: Eastern Asia
Turbo sp. Turbo :: West Americas
Lysmata debelius Blood / Fire :: South Asia M
Lysmata debelius Blood / Fire :: South Asia () M
Lysmata amboinensis Cleaner / Scarlet Skunk :: Africa / Red Sea M
Lysmata amboinensis Cleaner / Scarlet Skunk :: Africa / Red Sea () M
Lysmata wurdemanni / boggessi Peppermint :: East Americas
Stenopus hispidus Coral Banded :: Eastern Asia ()
Thor amboinensis Sexy Dancer :: Eastern Asia
Axinella sp. Tree, Red :: East Americas M
Astropecten polycanthus Sand :: Central Pacific M
Ophiarachna sp Brittle Fancy Yellow :: Central Pacific M
Ophiocoma sp. Red Brittle :: East Americas M
Ophiolepsis / Ophioderma sp. Tiger Brittle :: Central Pacific M
Mespilia globulus Pincushion, Blue Tuxedo :: Eastern Asia M
Mespilia sp. Pincushion, Tuxedo, Red :: Eastern Asia M
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