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Testing my photographic skills

These corals came in on Sunday, what beautiful colors…

Hammer Coral Green Metalic Euphyllia Ancora
Modern Coral (Red) Cynarina Lacrymalis
Green Metallic Scolymia Coral Scolymia Vitiensis
Fungia Coral Special Fungia Spp
Red Lemon Long Tantacle Goniopora Spp.
Special Green Mettalic Jewelpot Goniopora Spp.
Red Rose Brain Coral Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi
Multicolor Rose Brain Crl Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi
Crystal Coral Green Galaxea Fascicularis
Special Moon Coral Favites Spp.
Encrusting Coral (Color) Blastomussa Wellsi
Two Colors Encrusting Coral Blastomussa Wellsi
Special Button Polyps Zoanthus Propalythoa on Scleractinia
Mushroom Green Metalic Actinodiscus Mutabilis

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