A BIG Thank You! from knockOUT Aquatics

Good evening,

I would like to officially inform you that knockOUT Aquatics is Closed for Business, Nevertheless, the shop will reopen under a new administration and new name in the new year!

First, I would like to apologize to all who have tried to contact us or have stopped by the store and found it to be closed.  Unfortunately while in the middle of negotiating the sale of the store and a new space lease for the incoming ownership, we could not engage in conversations that may have jeopardize the sale!

On behalf of Carolina and I, I would like to sincerely thank all who have supported knockOUT Aquatics over the last 5+ years, it was a blast meeting you, servicing you and most important getting to know you!

Unfortunately life is short and over the last few years between my day job, the store, the offsite maintenance accounts & consultations have left very little time for family and friends, this is something we look forward to correcting going forward and something had to be sacrificed!

Carolina and I look forward to continuing the friendships we have built with you, we started knockOUT Aquatics as what I call a “hobby gone wild” and we will continue to be hobbyist, I for one will resume my online presence in the forums we all share as I have abstain myself from participating as a store owner.

Again we would like to thank you! and we live right here so we’ll see you around!

Kelvin (aka: knockout)

Merry Christmas &  a Happy New Year to All!

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